Thursday, August 18, 2011

My first step towards the long journey!!

I believe in myself rather than believing and following what others say. I have always done what my heart told me to do. And now I start to write my own blog instead of reading others' blog. Writing is one of my favorite time pass. Its been ages since I started writing down my feelings on the piece of paper and then keep it to myself but now I wanted to share it to other people as well. So that I can get feedback and comments from others and I can improve my writing.
I guess I will never get tired of reading books and writing down. Though I have never had literature as my major subject in schools and college, I have my own kind of interest in literature. Nepali or English, I have read quite many books that have always inspired me to write my own. I have tried a lot many times to show my writings to others but never have enough courage to bring my writings in front of others. I have always loved my creations but never knew how others will feel about my writing.
As Lao tzu had quoted "A journey of thousand miles must begin with the single step.", I also took this small step into the big world of blogging. There are some people who have been an inspiration for me to writing a blog. In the beginning I have not a piece of idea what blog is all about, later I started knowing about the blog, what to write and why to write. I do not promise that I will write the same kind of article or poem or any random piece of writings but I can promise that I will continue writing.


  1. Great initiation dear, looking forward to read more from you :), all the best, and always remember it is easy to start but difficult to continue but I have a firm faith on you that you will continue whatever you start. Proud of you :)

  2. Sasee, congrats. Nice to hear from you, nice to know you. You could be our inspiration :) All the best....

  3. thnq so muchh anjana d..i will always keep your words in my mind!!

    thnq kazal!!!

  4. hey i just found out about your blog de :) and WOW perfectly super perfect :D i feel really proud reading YOUR BLOG it pertty cool and beautiful and inspiring of course well guess what i'll alwayz be u'r rading blog then hopping for something new and fun so u better keep u'r promise ;)

  5. thnq so much sissi..nd yes ill keep writing :)